Is it a Workout, Exercise or a Movement Snack w/ Ben Greenfield

Guest Hero: Ben Greenfield. Fitness, nutrition and human performance consultant at

While we all know that staying physically active is essential to a long, healthy, productive life, we don’t often make time for it in our days and I think that is because we really don’t understand exactly what’s happening behind the scenes. Hopefully this podcast will give you get a better understanding of the whys, the hows and even the whens of exercise so you can seize the moment to grab a movement snack.

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Unwanted Distractions

Let’s face it, everything demands our attention these days. It’s not just our family, friends and co-workers but also our phones, our email and our social media that all fight for our attention at any given moment. It can be downright overwhelming at times and makes it really challenging to get focussed and get a job done.

Yeah, I know that every generation thinks the one immediately following it is doomed but the cost of these now ingrained distractions to our personal and professional life is well documented. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine found that it takes a typical office worker 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption, and an experiment by the authors of The Plateau Effect: Getting from Stuck to Success found that interruptions decreased work accuracy by a whopping 20%. So, I am not just Grandpa Simpson shaking my fist at a cloud or telling those kids to get off my lawn – being chronically distracted is an actual problem.

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Low Energy w/ Hailey Rowe

Guest Hero: Hailey Rowe from Prime Time Health. As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Hailey serves clients by providing the tools necessary to end sugar addiction, find enjoyment in exercise, and manage stress.

Your morning is going great… right up until around 9:30 or 10:00 am when you start feeling yourself losing energy and focus. Your eyes start feeling heavy and the words start swimming on the page. So, you go grab yourself a second (or is it the third) cup of coffee and hunker down – but you think to yourself: How can I be so tired? I slept so well and had such a restful weekend. What the hell?

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The Perils of the Commute – Feat. Abi Carver

According to a report in USA Today, the average North American’s commute is 25.5 minutes each way. That’s about 51 minutes per day or about 204 hours a year spent commuting. Just to put that in perspective, researchers recently found that most adults only do 17 minutes of fitness activities per day or about 103.4 hours per year. So we are only exercising for approximately half the amount of time that we are spending commuting. Ug!

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Air and Light w/ Dr. Tamsin Lewis

Guest Hero: Dr. Tamsin Lewis. Medical Doctor and Personalised Integrative Health/Performance for Life, Mum, Former Pro Triathlete & Ironman Champ. You can find her at or @sportiedoc on Twitter.

We may feel like the air and light around us are out of our control and that we are at the mercy of the building superintendents but that is not entirely true. With an air filter, some plants and some carefully chosen light bulbs, and maybe a funky pair of yellow glasses, we can become the Hero over our own invisible pollutants.

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To Do Lists

Between your job, your exercise program, your friends, your hobbies, and pretty much everything else you want to get done, achieving your goals and nailing your deadlines is often harder than it should be. Heck, for some people just creating an efficient to-do list is a major achievement, and that is where today’s podcast comes in.

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To Sit or Not To Sit w/ Katy Bowman

Guest Hero: Katy Bowman – Part biomechanist, part science communicator, and full-time mover at

Our desk jobs, commuting, watching TV, and playing video games all conspire to make us sedentary and this comfortable lifestyle takes its toll. Even those of us who exercise regularly still spend much of the workday planted in a chair in front of the computer.

The solution: Reduce our sedentary behaviors to a total of just 3 hours per day and we have the potential to increase our average life expectancy by 2 years. Awesome! Right?

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Workplace Snacking w/ Monica Reinagel

Guest Hero: Monica Reinagel – licensed nutritionist with a Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition.

It’s Monday morning. In a surprise turn of events, you feel great! Sadly, something goes awry with the kids, or you take a little too long chatting after your sunrise yoga class, or doing your morning journalling, or spacing out on your coffee cup, and you find yourself running late. So you put your coffee in a travel mug, grab a banana and eat on the way to work. You think to yourself “at least I didn’t grab one of the crappy meal replacement bars” – you are still on track! Right?

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Who’s the Real Hero?

There are so many people, like you and me, who enjoy their day job, kick ass in the cubicle and flourish in the 9-to-5. We pounce on the chance to get stuff done and can’t wait to knock the next item off of our to-do list — but we might also be gaining weight from sitting at a desk all day. We can’t wait wait for our next assignment and thrive on getting lost in the flow of a job well done but we also worry about dozing off in our afternoon meeting. We are email ninjas who have inbox zero within our grasp but also have an inkling that we could be more productive overall and less stressed on a daily basis. If any of those thoughts have crossed your mind, this podcast is for you.

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